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A Guide On MonkeyJam

This guide will help people who are troubled in using this program. I will cover all the basics of the program and the steps to making a stop motion film using this program.

MonkeyJam can be downloaded from here.

First, open up the program, it should look like this:

To start, go to File. 

Here there are a number of options. At the moment we are only interested in the first two; 'New Xps' and 'New XPS with folders...'. Xps stands for Exposure sheet which is the program file for MonkeyJam. Clicking 'New XPS with folders...' creates a folder where all the pictures you take are stored so go ahead and click that one.

A window will open up:

Choose your project name here as well as your fps. Leave 'Layers' set to 1 and then choose where your project files will be stored. Once you have clicked 'OK' the window will close and a new layer will be created:

A Layer is where the pictures will go.

Capturing Frames

Now to start taking the pictures. Either click on the camcorder button or go to Tools > Capture > Video.


A window like this should appear next:

Under 'Mode' make sure it is set to 'Stop Motion'.

It won't make much difference what it is set to but it I recommend keeping it as 'Stop Motion'.

Next under Cameras select your camera from 'Cameras'. For this guide I will be using a Logitech QuickCam Pro 9000.

Once you have selected your camera the preview screen will display video:

Next, choose the video size you wish your video to be filmed in under 'Size'. For the purpose of this tutorial I will be filming in '320x240' to keep tutorial pictures small.

Different cameras may have different video resolutions that they can film in.

For my own films I tend to film in either '800x600' or '1600x1200'.


rest of guide coming soon...